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Myths About Frozen Food Debunked

Myths About Frozen Foods You Need to Stop Believing


Myth #1: Fresh food is healthier than frozen food - "not" here is why!

Fresh is best, unless frozen is available. That’s right: frozen food is just as—and in some cases more—nutritious than fresh varieties.

Fresh food is often picked before the fruit or vegetable is ripe, then packaged, shipped, and stocked. The time from harvesting to your plate could be days, even more than a week. During that time, the food loses nutrients. In fact, fresh foods typically lose most of their nutrients—vitamins and minerals in particular—in the three days post picking.

Frozen food, however, is harvested at peak ripeness and flash-frozen within hours.

A 2013 University of Georgia study looked at the level of nutrients in fresh and frozen food at the time of purchase and five days later. The day they are purchased, both frozen and fresh food are nutritionally similar. After five days in the fridge, the fresh had less vitamin A, vitamin C, and folate than the frozen.

Myth #2: All frozen food is high in sodium.

If you do not see sodium or sodium chloride on the label, all the salt comes from the food in the meal.

We at Roast Kings use Isle of Wight salt harvested from the shores around the Island by hand in poly tunnels.

Myth #3: Refreezing previously frozen food is bad.

You could refreeze foods you thawed—that is, if you thawed them properly in the first place.

Frozen foods that were thawed in the fridge or temperature-controlled boxes and not on the counter can be returned to the freezer.

If you thawed the food on the counter (a serious no-no!), the food cannot be returned to the freezer safely. In fact, you might want to consider throwing it out entirely. Find out how long you can safely leave food on the counter.

When food sits out in the “danger zone” (4°C - 21°C) for more than two hours, it is a bacteria bonanza. At this temperature, bacteria grow rapidly. That could leave you sick from any number of bacteria that live and multiply on raw meats, including E. coli and salmonella.

So, when unpacking your boxes and if your meals are a tad thawed out you are fine to refreeze them or refrigerate them.

Myth #4: Frozen food expires.

If you have been horrified to find frozen corn or strawberries from your high school days in your parents’ freezer, you should not be. Truly, food can be saved indefinitely if it is stored at 0°C or below the entire time.

We do advise 5months on all Roast Kings Meals though.

 Myth #5: You can’t freeze eggs

But you can freeze eggs. If you purchased too many or your backyard hen was too prolific for your family’s appetite, crack the eggs, and beat the yolk and whites together. Then you can freeze them for future use.

Myth #6: Frozen food is more expensive

Is a potato or two cheaper than a package of frozen mashed potatoes or French fries? Likely. There is a markup for the prep and freezing process. But frozen foods can be a budget-savvy way to eat healthy foods or quick dinners without forking out big bucks for out-of-season produce or restaurants meals.

Packaged frozen dinners are often much healthier than a takeout or delivery.

Myth #7: Freezing food kills bacteria

Bacteria is most active between 4°C and 60°C, but it does not die below 40°C. Instead, it becomes inactive. The colder temps do not eliminate the risk of any bacteria that might have been present when you popped the food in the freezer.

Food safety issues still apply when you are packing foods for the freezer. Wash your hands, use clean surfaces, and try not to cross-contaminate between surfaces to keep your foods safe now and for the future.

Keep foods safe from bacterial growth when you thaw them, too, by defrosting them in the fridge, not on the counter or sink. So reheating at 180°C will kill if any bacteria just happened to pop in your meals.

Myth #8: All frozen food is highly processed.

Absolute Bolly Toggle Nonsense – Roast Kings do not even use any preservatives.

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